we believe in a story of

Continuity and Development

Product mission
Over the next few years, the goal that we have set ourselves is to continue offering a consistently high quality product to maintain our customers esteem bonding and to gain new stakeholders’ trust.
Social Mission
Being the consumers reference point for quality, taste, originality, in full respect of tradition.
Economic Mission
Expanding our network in the Italian regions and in Europe without sacrificing the quality of raw materials. Involving stakeholders to increase our chance of success (packaging, labels, products).

3300 MQ

farm area


indoor pallet places


liters of ice cream produced per year

Good Gelato
from the heart of Apulia

Pure Taste,
Pure Wonder

in which we are present

our mission
San Marco Gelati has a long history behind
it that begins in 1947 when the small San
Marco kiosk opened in the town of Molfetta.

People who walked in the centre, fell in love, little by little, with its ice cream-becoming a real town tradition.